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Basis Kunst und Bau BAKUB, Communication Design

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The exhibition Basis Kunst und Bau is curated by Ronny Hardliz and organised by BAKUB РVerein Basis Kunst und Bau and the Stadtgalerie Bern. Kornhaus Atelier is responsible for the identity and design of the entire presentation. In order to strengthen the dialogue between art and architecture in the city and canton of Bern Рas well as nationally and internationally Рthe visual language used is striking and contrasting to create a visually engaging experience that reflects the diversity and richness of artistic and architectural practices showcased in the exhibition.




Poster Design, Communications Print


Verein Basis Kunst und Bau


2021 bis 2022


Ronny Hardliz, XY
Wer noch, XY
Rebekka Doming, Konzept Publikation


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